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Think through and improve your writing with thinkdeli's AI writing assistant. Get suggestions on grammar, style, and more.


thinkdeli uses AI to find patterns in your writing and helps you discover connections and insights from your notes automatically.


Ask anything. thinkdeli will get the answer from your notes. Your personal AI.

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Showcase your writing with 1-click publish. Anything goes - simple notes, photos, complex research, blogs, poems, even code. Zero setup. Zero maintenance.

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A sleek minimal editor that's a joy to use.

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Write at the speed of thought. Your notes are always in sync.

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No internet? No problem. Write offline and sync later.

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Take notes using your voice. Perfect for hands-free writing.

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Use Backlinks and Tags to organize your notes. Find anything using the superfast search.

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Stay motivated with the writing streak tracker. Keep writing every day.

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Your notes are safe. We don't read or sell your data.

Writers love us

Jaee Jadhav

Founder, Jaee Jadhav Photography

"I am using thinkdeli for all my writing projects. I love how fast and simple it is. The AI integrations really help polish my content. It's a joy to use. Highly recommend!"

Rahul Pawar


"Love my experience with thinkdeli so far! It is fast and makes you want to write more. I have migrated from google docs to thinkdeli for all of my writing."


Antariksha Joshi


"quickly want to write something down… thinkdeli.
just confused and want to clear my head… thinkdeli.
want to share some thoughts with my cofounder… thinkdeli.
thinkdeli uses AI to link all these, so I don't have to."


Adithya Venkatesan

Head of Brand,

"thinkdeli is my go-to app for quick notes. It’s super fast and I love the AI features. I get automatic recommendations from my notes - a mind map with zero setup. I also use voice notes to capture ideas and journal day-to-day events. I love that I can easily publish a note and share it with anyone."


Ashwin Doke

Associate Director - Growth, VuNet Systems

"I use thinkdeli for my work notes, to-do lists, meeting minutes, etc. I ask the AI to summarize notes for a meeting to share it with clients or internal stakeholders. It feels much faster and smoother than other writing apps. I love the instant sync between my devices. Helps capture thoughts from anywhere, even on an airplane."