What happened to writing

Something happened to writing. We were supposed to write more. We were supposed to write better. But the tools that were supposed to help us, got in the way. Today, we write less. We publish less.

Writing feels like a chore. It has been reduced to ‘content’. Something you do only when necessary. Something you do for SEO. And then, no one reads it. There is no delight. There is no discovery. 

We have writing apps that are stepchildren of the word processors of yesteryears. These apps are slow and bloated. They have more features and buttons than anyone could care about. They maximize made-up business metrics. The cognitive overload is staggering. They suck the joy out of writing. 

We want to change this with thinkdeli.

A good writing app is a tool. You don’t think about it while using it. It almost disappears as you make progress towards the task at hand. When the job is done, you don’t talk about the tool. You talk about the finished product - your blog, paper, essay, note, journal. Good tools enable your best work, work that you will be proud of. 

thinkdeli prioritizes your writing. There are no metrics to boost. There are no gimmicks. If a feature doesn’t help you write better, it gets removed. The aim is to help you write more and write better. Because when you write more, you share more. You think better. People understand you better. And we are better off for it.

Good writing is powerful. It is cathartic. It motivates. It replinishes. It soothes. It heals. Remember the last time you belted out a post and felt really good? Remember reading that poignant story that moved you to tears. How powerful it was! We are reinventing the writing app to make good writing possible for everyone.

Satyajeet Jadhav,


Your writing hub.