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Sip, Read, Review- “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall 

I wonder every day (and the same question the author has), ‘How come some of us can be out there running every morning when the sun comes up, while the rest of us are praying for a miracle just to get our feet to cooperate with gravity🫣?’

New blog ✒️ https://jaeejadhav.com/2024/03/30/sip-read-review-born-to-run-by-christopher-mcdougall/ 

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Blog Post Saga Walks 2024 image
Saga Walks 2024

Here’s to more steps and healthier lives in the months to come! Last month, I had the joy of organizing a walking challenge for our community, and it was an incredible experience. 🏆✨ Sharing it with you all! https://jaeejadhav.com/2024/05/25/30-day-walking-challenge-enthusiasm-and-community-spirit/ Blog post crafted on thinkdeli.com Written by Jaee Jadhav GaradMay 2024​

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