Pradeep Mohandas

2 months ago

Morning Sun by Edward Hopper

I am envious,
Of the woman in the Morning Sun,
She is able,
To sit on a bed without a phone.

Some people say, 
That she was the painters wife,
Sitting in bed,
Contemplating her lonely life in an industrial suburb.

At a time,
We can log off from in real life,
And log into,
A world where we peep into other's lies.

I am envious,
That the woman thinks of her life,
And not that,
Of other's empty facades aimed at us to buy the same facades.
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Superfood pseudoscience

Eating some food is good,\r\nEating others is bad,\r\nSome food we've had for centuries,\r\nAnd some just before twas had.\r\n\r\nSuperfoods made an entry,\r\nPromising a quick fix cure.\r\nIt asked we keep aside,\r\nThe food we've had for centuries.\r\n\r\nTo promise this claims were made,\r\nWith conviction and pseudoscience,\r\nOr with some silly industry,\r\nMaybe even some stupid doctors.\r\n...

2 months ago

An Apolitical Therapist

Can self-care exist without community care?Everything is broken,\r\nAt each perspective,\r\nSelf, Community, and the Universe.\r\n\r\nA yellow notepad,\r\nAny useful pen,\r\nAnd a vital question.\r\n\r\nA curious mind,\r\nSome mental models,\r\nAnd a very patient ear.\r\n\r\nAre these tools,\r\nEnough to treat the Self?\r\nIsn't something missing?\r\n\r\nOnce the Self is cared,\r\nThen Community c...

2 months ago


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