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I am the creator of thinkdeli. I write a lot to clear my mind. I publish my writing here.

July '24

Orchestrating Flow

You start a new coding project. You are building a scene. You imagine data moving around - being read from the database, resting briefly in a cache, being presented to a user. You are trying to orchestrate this elaborate ping-pong in your head. And then, you feel the urge to have a sip of something. Anything. It’s not a drink you are craving. Your brain is telling you this coding business is to...

3 days ago

June '24

Blog Post The sweetest sound image
The sweetest sound

You might feel I am high right now, but hear me out.The sweetest sound in the world is that of a glass being filled with water. Clear water. From a bottle. The first splash. Aaah! Followed by the recalibration of the angle of the pour. The change in the frequency. Oooh!The dancing waves.As the glass fills, up the changing amplitude of the standing waves.The anticipation of thirst being quenched.No...

16 days ago


Remember the last time you nailed a post and felt happy? Remember reading the poignant story that moved you to tears? Good writing is powerful. It enriches — the reader and the writer.With technology, we were supposed to write more. We were supposed to write better. But something changed. Writing feels like a chore. It has been reduced to ‘content’. Something you do for SEO. You write. No one re...

a month ago


Cryptography is encryption + decryption.Encryption is the process of converting legible text into cipher text by passing it through an encryption function which takes a ‘key’ as an input.Two types of cryptographySymmetric only one keythe same key is used to encrypt and decrypt messagesAsymmetricTwo different keyspublic key  belongs to the recipient of the message sender encrypts the message with t...

a month ago

Blog Post Formatting on thinkdeli image
Formatting on thinkdeli

HeadingsTo create a heading add one or more #  symbols before your heading text. One #  creates a Heading 1, two ##  create a Heading 2, and so on.# Heading 1\r\n## Heading 2\r\n### Heading 3Heading 1Heading 2Heading 3You can also create headings using the slash menu which shows up when you press the / key.Styling textBold**Bold text**Bold textItalic_Italic text_Italic textStrikethrough~~strikethr...

a month ago

May '24

Notes vs Blogs

There is a huge gap in writing and publishing. You write all the time. But you publish only a few times.your writing apps and publishing apps are different. Publishing apps don’t bring anything to the table. They only host html for you. They don’t make it easy to write, they don’t make it easy to capture ideas, they don’t solve distribution. Social media enables distribution. Ask any new writer wh...

2 months ago

Blog Post Hampi image

We decided to spend our christmas - new year break visiting Hampi this year. We left on 26th Dec and were back on 30th. Including the two travel days, we were gone for 5 days.AttractionsDay 0Tungabhadra Dam We reached Hospet around 4:45 PM and were welcomed by the huge reservoir of the Tungabhadra Dam. We decided to visit the dam. There is a big parking lot and there is a shuttle service inside th...

2 months ago

Blog Post Bandipur and Ooty image
Bandipur and Ooty

Sept 7th to Sept 11, 2023Day 1Jungle Hut, MasinagudiAmazing resort in Bandipur National Park.Mudumalai SafariDay 2Earl’s Secret RestaurantRestaurant with good food and great ambience. Features in the recent movie Archies.Club Mahindra Race Course - We stayed here for two nights.Day 3Ooty - Boating Spot and Children’s ParkYou can do boating. There are also a few rides for kids. Doddabetta PeakThis ...

2 months ago


Oh my garden!Everyone should have their corner of the internet - a garden. It will never be perfect or even complete. Some ideas will bloom, some will wither away and die. Everything doesn't have to be a well thought out blog. It can be an inspiration, or a germ of an idea. You can develop it later.And everything doesn’t need to be packaged and shared for instant consumption by everyone. Let someo...

2 months ago

The biggest challenge with AI

To figure out the why you need to understand the how.​For most of us, the biggest challenge with AI is not going to be which LLM model to use or what infra to deploy. It will be to understand why do I need AI.Saurabh recently mentioned,  “Understanding a business outcome in the context of AI's applicability is hard.” Which translates to - very few people understand how AI will help their business ...

2 months ago

April '24

Tyranny of the list

It is a terrible thing to be consistenly successful when you are young. You need avenues to fail. Without failure there is no learning. By failing I don’t mean the second position. I mean not even showing up in any kind of list. I mean humiliating failures. Failures that will twist you. Failures that will crack you. Just stopping before something breaks you. I don’t like the idea of a broken child...

3 months ago

Emoji picker for tiptap

The official tiptap emoji picker extension is a pro extension. Meaning you have to pay for using it. It is easy enough to build this extension by extending the existing Mention plugin from tiptap.The key is to use the Mention node with a custom suggestion utility.  Mention.configure({\r\n renderHTML({ options, node }) {\r\n return [\r\n \span\,\r\n ...

3 months ago

Blog Post Voice Notes image
Voice Notes

We are happy to announce the launch of this cool new feature. Now you can record your thoughts and ideas directly into your thinkdeli note. The audio file is transcribed and added to the current position in the note you are currently editing. Simply use the / menu and select Voice Transcription to start recording!

3 months ago

Blog Post the immigrants image
the immigrants

“Good we are moving. This house is so small.”, said Vivaan. He must have picked it up from our conversations. “But I will miss my friends”, he quickly added.For Vivaan, his friends are everything. Even when they are annoyed and tell him, “you are not my friend”, he will periodically poll them, “Am I your friend now?”. There is pain when he is out of the group. But there is no ego or insult. He is...

3 months ago

Blog Post Thinkdeli Release Notes image
Thinkdeli Release Notes

This document maintains the list of new features and bug fixes as they happen.Mon, 1 Apr 2024The recent notes list now shows notes sorted in the order of last updated. Wed, 27 Mar 2024⚙️ New settingIntroduced a new setting under preferences that lets you turn off the related notes feature on a device. This is a device level setting. Changing it on one device won’t affect the setting for other devi...

3 months ago

March '24

The Blue Book

Author: Amitava KumarFinished reading The Blue Book this morning. It was one of the recommendations from the Art of Clear Writing course. I enjoyed it a lot. It is the first book that I have read cover to cover in a long time. That should tell you something about the book.The book is based on journal entries by the author. At some points, the author is walking you through his journal entries. At o...

4 months ago

Blog Post Introducing, Chat image
Introducing, Chat

thinkdeli already is a place for your thoughts. A lot of users write daily notes on thinkdeli. What if there was a way to ask thinkdeli questions based on your thoughts? The chat feature does this by bringing AI closer to your thoughts in a way that is personal to you. The first version of your personal AI is live on thinkdeli. For the above conversation the prompt wasBased on my reading history, ...

4 months ago


thinkdeli is a light and fast writing app. It lets you take notes instantly without any need for navigation or searching.Start Writing. Fast.Open the app and start writing. It takes less than a second to go from your first thought to your first word. There is always a new note ready for you.   Retain FocusThere are no distractions on thinkdeli. Even then we included a focus mode. Just hit cmd+k or...

4 months ago

Blog Post Manan kaka visits Bengaluru image
Manan kaka visits Bengaluru

Manan visited us for 4 days. He arrived on 2nd Jan. We took him around Bangalore for a couple of days. To welcome him Sanika had prepared Gulabjamuns or gullu as Manan and Vivan would christen them later. The next morning we started with the Indian Musical Experience museum. Situated in JP Nagar, this is a hidden gem on Bengaluru. I really loved it. It covers a lot of the forms on Indian music and...

4 months ago

Blog Post Semantic Search, aka Magic image
Semantic Search, aka Magic

In this post I write about the Related Notes feature on thinkdeli. I attempt to describe my journey of implementing a deceptively simple feature using the latest advances in AI and browser tech.The featureAny decent writing app lets you organize and link notes. But all the apps expect you, the writer, to do all the work. What if your writing app could link your thoughts automatically in a fast and...

4 months ago

Embeddings eli5 version

Computers don’t understand text like humans do. Computers understand numbers. To get computers to understand text, you need to convert the text to numbers.But simply transforming text to numbers won’t make a lot of sense. Words make sense when they are next to each other. So the numberical representation should capture this relation.One way to achieve this is by plotting these numbers on a graph. ...

4 months ago

AI - Local or Cloud ?

If you are integrating AI into your applications, there are three ways to do it.API integrationYou integrate with ChatGPT, Cohere, or a similar service. You get an API key and start using APIs offered by these services. Pros Access to perhaps the best models known to humanityHigh accuracy and speedNo maintenanceConsCostPrivacy - Not all of your users will be comfortable with their data being share...

4 months ago

February '24

Cosine Similarity

cosine similarity is used in computer science to group data, or to find data as a response to a is the cosine of the angle between two vectors.if the angle is 90, cos(90) = 0 - not similarif the angle is 0, cos(0) = 1 - sameif the angle is 180, cos(180) = -1 - oppositeTo compare two sentences, you need to find the cosine similarity between the numerical representation of the two sentences...

4 months ago

FAQs from friends and strangers

Who do you think is the closest to thinkdeli in terms of competition? Is it notion, notes, or medium?Who is your target audience? Who are you building this for?Why are you building thinkdeli? What do you aim to get out of it?To be honest, I hadn’t really thought of all these questions when I started working on thinkdeli. I started working on thinkdeli before it was thinkdeli. I remember feeling an...

4 months ago

Soldier ask not

They are fools that think that wealth or women or strong drink or even drugs can buy the most in effort out of the soul of a man. These things offer pale pleasures compared to that which is greatest of them all, that task which demands from him more than his utmost strength, that absorbs him, bone andsinew and brain and hope and fear and dreams -- and still calls for more.\tThey are fools that th...

5 months ago

Reading Habit

My monkey brain is in overdrive when I am alone. I can’t read. I can’t write. I can’t watch an entire movie. I can’t code. Well this is all I can do when I can. There is not much else to me. I used to think that I am a reader. I haven’t completed a book in years. I have purchased and abandoned countless books. Tsundoku, the Japanese word, was coined for me. I feel terrible. I can’t live up to thi...

5 months ago

Blog Post Mysore  image

I have been to Mysore 4 times in the past 8 months. Here are some of the places I visited. Cafes & RestaurantsMalgudi Cafe - Nice ambience. Food is ok. Usually not very crowded. Generally quiet enough that you can read a book. Good for a short stop. Sapa bakery - Fancy. But worth checking out. Poojari fish land - Just before mysore. Good for a lunch stop. We have gone here twice. Good fish. Mulbag...

5 months ago

Blog Post 2024-01-28 image

It is Sunday. I woke up early today. I am not sure why. I think I had to go to the bathroom. Or had I set my body clock to go off before Sanika’s 7:30 AM dance class? I felt sore. Yesterday, I played a cricket match. I fielded for around 2 hours, bowled four overs, and faced nine deliveries when batting. I was spent. But this is a long weekend. We were to go to Lalbagh with a friend and his family...

5 months ago

January '24

Custom Links in tiptap

Today I came across a scenario where I wanted to modify the default behavior of some <a> links in tiptap editor. The requirement was if the <a> link has an href attribute starting with /map clicking the link should not open the a new tab.  Opening a new tab loads the entire app again in another tab and breaks the user’s context. The Link extension in tiptap let’s you set target to null. However, d...

6 months ago

December '23

Book recommendations

Book recommendations from Richa and AnantRecursionSilent patientAll books by above author ^Bear townDeep WorkMan called oveJodi piccoltThe palace of illusion The Blue Book: A Writer's Journal -

7 months ago

LangChain for LLM Application Development, Prompts, and ParsersLangchain provides convenience wrappers over OpenAI models. It lets you wrap your prompts so that even the complex prompts can be reused. Parsers let you define the format of the output you want to extract from the OpenAI response.MemoryLLMs are stateless.Each transaction is independent.the entire conversa...

7 months ago

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