Rahul Pawar

a month ago

A lonely time 

In an abyss, completely broken,

Fear and loneliness my only companions;

You came to search for me. 

Afraid to face you,

I ran away as fast as I could;

You still followed me. 

Panting and shivering,

I shouted “You won’t understand”;

You hugged me. 

Holding my hand and smiling,

You made me take a step;

I cried. 

You picked me every time I fell,

Reminded dreams long forgotten;

I started to become me again. 

We are near the ground now,

And I will start writing my unfinished song. 

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a month ago

Comments ( 4 )

Thank you for this Rahul, I felt every word deep within me.. I'm in a journey to 'Become Me Again' Sending you Healing, Love and Breath

Rahul Pawar

a month ago

Thank you for your kind words. Wishing you lots of strength in your journey.

sanika joshi

a month ago

Wow lovely poem!

Rahul Pawar

a month ago

Thank you!

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