Pradeep Mohandas

2 months ago


Tell me about despair, yours, and I
Will tell you mine.
In the shared story of our despairs,
I may find some connection.

I've had enough despairs to,
Last a lifetime.
But the connection can be one,
That ends my despair.
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Jackie Shroff’s clip about Anda Curry Patta

Someone posted a clip,\r\nAsking Jackie Shroff a recipe,\r\nThat he could make easily.\r\n\r\nI tried his recipe,\r\nBut gave up midway\r\nB'coz I don't like curry patta.

2 months ago

Skepticism on a not so holy holiday

People go away from their homes,\r\nBecause they can't manage to stay,\r\nAt home on those holy holidays,\r\nBecause of the noise.\r\n\r\nTimes for contemplation and learning,\r\nIs broken by the loud song singing, And competitions which seek whose,\r\nMusic system can play louder.\r\n\r\nTimes for meeting friends and relatives,\r\nIs broken by the messages and forwards,\r\nSent on WhatsApp and Te...

2 months ago


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