Pradeep Mohandas

2 months ago

Self-portrait of David Wojnarowicz

History keeps me awake at night,
Was a commemorative they did,
Of David,
Who I had not heard of before tonight.

His self-portraits spoke of time,
That the world dealt with AIDS,
He dealt it in his own sweet way,
And by it in the end he passed away.

Protest is a form,
That is not easy to adopt.
But, in such times,
It is what makes us stand and stare.
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Depression meals

Depression meals,\r\nStops you from moving.\r\nBecause movement,\r\nMakes you feel less heavy.\r\n\r\nInstant noodles,\r\nMay feed romantic notions.\r\nBut doesn't,\r\nNourish your soul as needed.\r\n\r\nUnhealthy meals,\r\nThat people resort to.\r\nTo get,\r\nOut that gunk that sticks.\r\n\r\nDifficult choices,\r\nAn easy fix for that,\r\nIs to,\r\nMove.\r\n\r\n\r\n

2 months ago

Little joys of not fitting in

I did not fit in,\r\nWith the strong guys who played Sports,\r\nOr the small guys who played\r\nComputer games.\r\n\r\nI belonged to that long tail,\r\nOf kids,\r\nWho spent their time reading,\r\nOr drawing, or making.\r\nCreating.\r\n\r\nI did not fit in.\r\nAnd so it was during forced games,\r\nI was picked in diplomat roles,\r\nTo keep the peace of the games\r\n\r\nI did not fit in,\r\nAnd so ...

2 months ago


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