Pradeep Mohandas

2 months ago

Superfood pseudoscience

Eating some food is good,
Eating others is bad,
Some food we've had for centuries,
And some just before twas had.

Superfoods made an entry,
Promising a quick fix cure.
It asked we keep aside,
The food we've had for centuries.

To promise this claims were made,
With conviction and pseudoscience,
Or with some silly industry,
Maybe even some stupid doctors.

I did not follow these trends,
Because their advice made no sense,
And when my wife asked me to atleast try,
I said nonsense and went back to my fries.
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2 months ago

Comments ( 2 )

manan dedhia

2 months ago

This is brilliant!

Satyajeet Jadhav

2 months ago

Loved it! Especially the last stanza. haha...

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