Pradeep Mohandas

3 months ago

Nobody is free without breaking open

April is National Poetry Writing Month. Using a series of prompts to write poetries this month. The title of the post is the prompt.

I had a dream,
But didn't want to work for it.
I wanted the fame,
But didn't want to sweat for it.

I had a passion,
But didn't want to strive for it.
I wanted the life,
But didn't want to struggle for it.

I had a love,
But didn't want to love for it.
I wanted to be free,
But didn't want to break for it.
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Late at night scrolling my Twitter feed

Atomic clocks,\r\nForgotten dogs,\r\nPhilosophy rocks.\r\nScroll down.\r\n\r\nGetting a car,\r\nLosing a job,\r\nGoing away for.\r\nScroll on down.\r\n\r\nGot my heart broken,\r\nMy money got stolen,\r\nCalled me a fool,\r\nI scroll on down.\r\n\r\nMy wife and children sleep,\r\nThey don't get time with me,\r\n('coz I'm)\r\nLate at night scrolling my Twitter feed.\r\n\r\n

3 months ago


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