Pradeep Mohandas

2 months ago

Yahan: this unvisited body

I didn't know what this prompt meant,
So, I asked ChatGPT.
It said some interesting things,
But it wasn't really what the prompt meant.

I searched on Google, then.
It was much better and pulled the lines,
from some nook of the internet,
that I had not seen before.

It showed me a post from [@alyaza](,
Showed her cohost post,
She had a quote in that post,
Another poem from an anthology.

For me, yahan is here.
wahan is there.
And the whole wide world, is in between
yahan and wahan.
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Sushi’s meant to be shared

She ordered sushi,\r\nIn a store meant for Chinese food. \r\nIt wasn't meant for Japanese,\r\nNor even Indian food.\r\n\r\nThe waiter looked at me,\r\nAsking me to rescue him.\r\nI looked non-plussed,\r\nAnd asked me to rescue him.\r\n\r\nWhile she didn't seem to care,\r\nI told her,\r\nIn no uncertain terms,\r\nSushi is meant to be shared.\r\n\r\n

2 months ago

When your heart breaks but they are not your lover

Rocket engine roaring to life,\r\nOn the television screen.\r\nSowed the seed that,\r\nBlossomed in my heart.\r\n\r\nSince that day,\r\nI had worked hard,\r\nTo work even for a day,\r\nIn a space company.\r\n\r\nAn offer came and knocked,\r\nAt my door,\r\nI bid it adieu,\r\nAnd said my good byes.\r\n\r\nMy heart was broken,\r\nBy my first love,\r\nIt can be broken only,\r\nBy a lover.

2 months ago


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