Pradeep Mohandas

2 months ago

Little joys of not fitting in

I did not fit in,
With the strong guys who played Sports,
Or the small guys who played
Computer games.

I belonged to that long tail,
Of kids,
Who spent their time reading,
Or drawing, or making.

I did not fit in.
And so it was during forced games,
I was picked in diplomat roles,
To keep the peace of the games

I did not fit in,
And so it was during fights,
That I was made to sit in between,
The warring boys to keep the peace.

It was in one such game,
When two guys were fighting over,
The cutest girl the class had seen,
I was made to sit in between the boys.

When she came upto me to chat,
I pushed her away with words.
I don't fit in and probably,
Never will in her life either.
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Self-portrait of David Wojnarowicz

History keeps me awake at night,\r\nWas a commemorative they did,\r\nOf David,\r\nWho I had not heard of before tonight.\r\n\r\nHis self-portraits spoke of time,\r\nThat the world dealt with AIDS,\r\nHe dealt it in his own sweet way,\r\nAnd by it in the end he passed away.\r\n\r\nProtest is a form,\r\nThat is not easy to adopt.\r\nBut, in such times,\r\nIt is what makes us stand and stare.

2 months ago

Sushi’s meant to be shared

She ordered sushi,\r\nIn a store meant for Chinese food. \r\nIt wasn't meant for Japanese,\r\nNor even Indian food.\r\n\r\nThe waiter looked at me,\r\nAsking me to rescue him.\r\nI looked non-plussed,\r\nAnd asked me to rescue him.\r\n\r\nWhile she didn't seem to care,\r\nI told her,\r\nIn no uncertain terms,\r\nSushi is meant to be shared.\r\n\r\n

2 months ago


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