Adithya Venkatesan

2 months ago

How to read more — habit creation

Well, start by allotting time in your calendar like it's a task you have to complete. Just 15 minutes should do. Not more. Phone on silent. Do this religiously no matter what for 2 weeks. Habits compound, and to kickstart a habit, you need discipline.

It helps if you start with a racy fictional novel. That'll keep you engaged and wanting more. Buy an hourglass and push those minutes gradually. (I use a 10-minute one) Good habits are built with little acts.

For example: I have a book of short letters, short stories I pick-up every once in a while when I don't feel like reading more. Even a book of trivia helps. I read Nietzsche like that; intermittently, and slowly. Even Der Prophet. These are books you pace out, think and imbibe.

People make reading a chore. You can eventually read just a page or two as you build muscle memory of reaching out for a book before you sleep. Now it's ingrained in me to read, learn something new before I hit the sack.

Short: Start by making it a chore, stay by making it a learning experience.

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jaee jadhavSatyajeet Jadhav
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sanika joshi

2 months ago

Great points! I find reading during daily travels or during morning tea time useful!

jaee jadhav

2 months ago

Yes, morning time reading serves best for me too. The day starts with a calm state of mind!

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