Pradeep Mohandas

3 months ago

Instructions for Living a Life. Pay attention.

As a young child,
I always went looking,
In books and in elders,
The instructions for living a life.

As a teenager,
I went looking,
For the instructions of living a life,
So I could break them as I please.

As a young adult,
I went looking,
The search got me a job, a wife, and children.
But no instructions for living a life.

As an adult,
I realised,
That I had to make,
The instructions for living a life.
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Downsides of going vegan

I thought of going vegan,\r\nSo I wrote the pros and cons,\r\nMaybe people call me pagan,\r\nOr maybe they don't mind.\r\n\r\nNutritional deficiency,\r\nSocial Challenges,\r\nFinancial deficiency,\r\nPractical challenges.\r\n\r\nAfter I wrote the pros and cons,\r\nI asked my wife.\r\nShe said it doesn't matter,\r\n'coz in two days, I'll be back to What I am.

3 months ago

Reclaim Saffron. Make Biriyani.

A recipe for biriyani,\r\nCame to me from Di,\r\nShe told me that it would help,\r\nTo impress my wife to be.\r\n\r\nI tried it once to make at home,\r\nFollowing the words to the T.\r\nIt came out wrong and was so bad,\r\nIt didn't even impress me.\r\n\r\nDistraught and blaming my bad luck,\r\nI went running back to Di.\r\nReclaim Saffron, make Biriyani,\r\nWas all she said to me.\r\n\r\n

2 months ago


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